Carol Miranda (Host)

Carol is a tarot reader, crystal reader, oracle reader, and reiki healer who loves all mystic arts. While attending college, she started with oracle cards and practiced with family members. Then, while receiving a reading, she learned that she could read crystals, and participated in psychic fairs as a crystal reader. After a difficult loss years later, she turned to tarot for guidance. That grew into her daily self-care messages on Instagram. Today, she is an MBA student on a mission to help others on their life journey by using her intuition, healing modality, and education.

You can also find Carol on Instagram. Check out her free weekly Tarot messages for business advice and self care practices @castingwithcarol. She can also be reached at, and

Carol will be hosting the February Psychic Fair.

Adriana Mezgova

​I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher with Usui methods. My knowledge and wisdom will assist you along your soul journey. My psychic abilities became evident as a child and as I got older I began to seek the path of ascension. Along my life journey, I have met many teachers and guides. I have studied crystals, aromatherapy, tarot, reiki, astrology and have been initiated as a priestess into a lineage of Melchizedek, to serve the highest healing light. I am a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Empath. I have used all of these gifts throughout my life and in several professions. 
Reiki has always been my passion and I love to see individual souls blossom and thrive in life. Reiki is a channel that brings in energy that gently allows your body to receive it during the session. The sessions themselves feel like a peaceful coming home as you are able to connect with your soul.  Once you experience Reiki therapy you will find more peace, joy and ease in life which will bring change towards the new energy in your current situation. If you feel the gentle pull to book a Reiki session with me, to create that internal shift that you have been seeking, I am right here for you. I will patiently listen, provide an answer to any of your questions, walk you through your path and help you understand why have you chosen certain life lessons for your souls growth.
I am looking forward to being of service to you so that your soul can find forgiveness, peace and advance forward.

You can also find Adriana at

Sabrina Shelton

Sabrina Shelton has been reading tarot for over 12 years. Interested in witchcraft and the occult since middle school, she turned her curiosity into a lifestyle, and has shared her love and knowledge of tarot with anyone who asks. She has had the pleasure of reading clients at conventions, festivals, and metaphysical boutiques all across LA.

Mixed with humor, empathy, and spirituality, Sabrina’s readings are great for both seasoned practitioners and curious beginners. She aims to not only provide guidance from the cards, but also to give her clients the roadmap they might need to continue their journey.

You can also find Sabrina on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube @sabrinareadstarot, and


Marilyn is a tarot, oracle, and palm reader. Her journey into the mystical world started with the prayer “I would like to meet my angel guide, but please do it gently.” This request was answered in a dream where she met her angle guide and he showed her an image of the magician tarot card. Unfamilar with tarot she reached out to her son for help. He researched the magican card and the tarot as a whole, and later gifted Marilyn with her first deck. Marilyn is a kind and gentle reader with eight years of experience who can guide you on your path. 

Her certifications include: tarot and oracle reader Certified by Doreen Virtue, Intensive mediumship program certified by James Van Praagh, Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T.) certified by Vicki Elkins, and Reiki level 1 & 2 certified by Reiki Master Adriana Mezgova

You can also find Marilyn on Instagram @mystic_marilyn

Charly Shelton

Charly Shelton is a paleontologist with a degree in Archaeology. Witchy-woo-woo is not his dream. But through an interest in Norse mythology, he stumbled across divination through Rune stones and this sent him on his metaphysical journey. Using well-researched historical context and a passion for symbology, Charly delivers surprisingly accurate readings through runes and tea leaves. For a more scientific approach to the great unknown, Charly is your guide.

To reach Charly, email him at too. (He and Sabrina are married!)

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